Typography design for Panorama Berlin.

Previously developed type design adjusted to horizontal layout and one color for print of shopwindow. Store design by Werkstatt 65.

Typography design for store window at Bread & Butter, Berlin.

Assigned by "Werkstatt 65".

Trees of the forest
Chapter page for nature book.

Claudine Grin photography
Corporate identity

Claudine Grin a well known dutch wedding photographer based in France asked me to develop a new logo and writing paper. She did not want any photography symbols. I chose to use her initials because the pictures are spread on the internet and in order to find her website the logo can be a recognizable reference. Her style is very romantic, she brings out the best in people at every occasion. I made various proposals and used them all in a pattern for the company paper design.

NH Collection | Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky

NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky first opened its doors as a coffee-house in 1866. They asked me and my colleague photographer Fillipe Wiens to develop a brochure to inform their guests during the renovation about their wonderful history and the grand plans for the future.

No more war game Rotterdam
Brochure and identity for the 'no the more war game Rotterdam'

The 'no more war game' is an educational game for children from 8-11 in which they learn more about the Second World War and the effects of it in the city they live in.

Graphic identity for

Fotobelle (Isabelle Hatting) is an award winning dutch wedding photographer based in Rotterdam. Isabelle Hattink asked us to develop a new graphic identity for her company. She was thinking about a new logo combined with an illustration that represented her style and name. The logo needed to be usable on her pictures as a signature, but for her business card she liked to use and illustration. We decided to draw a girl in a wedding dress blowing bells as in her name Belle. Her website was kept simple so her pictures would remain the main focus of attention.

Leidsche rijn
Brochure & powerpoint design for new shopping mall Leidsche rijn

Due to a work overload the Beeldenfabriek Rotterdam collaborated with us for the development of a brochure based on the look and feel of the website that was created for the Leidsche rijn shopping mall building project. They developed the pictures and graphics for the brochure and powerpoint presentation. In house collaboration with studioburo Auke Wieringa.

Naturecrops website.

{image 223}

The website was developed by React online media.

Quinoa cookbook
Proposals for bookdesign

Proposals for a Quinoa cookbook.

UEFA logo pitch

Assigned by studio Radiant UK.

Nature crops
Quinoa Company profile brochure

Nature Crops Quinoa superfood was rapidly expanding in Europe so they needed a Company profile brochure. They asked to develop a digital brochure with their company profile that suited their graphic identity.

Nature crops
Spring Magazine Naturecrops

Because Quinoa (superfood) was pretty unknown for a lot of people, Nature Crops wanted to develop a download-able interactive magazine with recipes and information about the benefits of Quinoa seeds. The first edition was 'spring magazine'. The magazine contains recipes based on vegetables of the season combined with Quinoa. Great food photography by Gerhard Witteveen and tips from food editor Bluebelle.

Sweety's BV
Flyer for Chocao cripsy pralines.

Development of flyer in same style as package design.

Nature crops
Export catalogue

Nature crops
Flyers & advertisments

Nature crops
Digital Magazine for european market.

Nature Crops had developed a graphic identity and product line with package design for the north american market, while keeping the logo and graphic identity in mind they needed everything for the European market as well. To target the European market we developed a page flipper and a pdf in 4 languages that was printable and could be published on the website and e-mailed to potential clients all over Europe, Asia and England as well.

Utrechtse spelen
Poster design Shakespeares play "Much ado about nothing"

Sensation white
Poster design.

Generation games 2012
Digital presentation of concept for new Sport event in Rotterdam

Brand Identity
I'm Jac Design.

Medical cooking challenge
Logo design

Composers Concertbuilding Amsterdam
Booklet with portraits of famous composers.

Posters for shopping windows announcing the opening of the new primark store.

Birds of the forest

Goodies Magazine
Cover logo

Hospital wayfinding

Corporate identity Athari & USEO

Style proposals for a Quinoa cookbook

Newspaper Telegraaf
Editorial illustration

Story about a woman who decided to get a divorce because she's not happy in her marriage anymore. She decides to take her life into her own hands.

Magazine for the concert building Amsterdam

Portraits of composers
{image 126}

John Cage, Conlon Nancarrow, Ludwig van Beethoven, György Kurtág, Mei Saint-Saens, Richard Strauss, Hugo Wolf / Johannes Brahms, Ernest Bloch, Benjamin Britten, Alexander Zemlinsky, Johann Sebastian Bach.

Magazine 'de liefde'
Editorial illustrations

How to conquer your beloved one, all the stages of trying to get the one you want. Very important to read of course. Because as supposedly Einstein said; 'Try to get who you want, otherwise you have to love the one you get'.

Magazine 'de liefde'
Editorial illustrations: Vague signs

Magazine 'Love' had a 5 page editorial about the vague signs that show you something is wrong. Editor Ruud Hollander, Art director Pieter Schol and studio Walkie talkie designed a french looking magazine for which they needed images in a romantic french style. The images were designed in layers to be used separately from the backgrond in the index pages of the magazine as well.

Website Illustrations Fabergé
Fabergé jewellery 2012

Faberge's creative director Katharina Flohr sketched the compositions for the illustrations that would be used of the Fabergé website. The themes for the illustrations were the themes of their jewel collections who were placed on top on the illustrations. Les fabuleuses, Le carnet de bal, Les fameux de Fabergé, Les favorites de Fabergé, Les saisons russes and the Solyanka treasures.

Wedding invitation.
For Mr and Mrs Wolf

Mr & Mrs Wolf to be asked for an illustration for their wedding invitation. Red ridinghood with the wolf, the illustration was printed on lollypops as a present for their visitors and for their invitation.

0900 Art project
Veronica tv guide, assigned by Art Mix Amsterdam

Dif Magazine
Quiz: 'How crazy are you?'
Dif Magazine requested an editorial for a quiz titled: 'How crazy are you?'

BLVD Magazine
Editorial about Honor revenge

BLVD Magazine requested an illustration for an article about a brother who killed his sister out of honor revenge. My first illustration was a bit to confronting for the publisher. I am glad I made it, that drawing was published many times on blogs and is one of my personal favorites. The second version of the girl with roses was the adjusted less chocking version.

JF&W Magazine
4 spreads combined with jewels

Jewels fashion and watches was the first magazine that gave me some space to draw what I liked because they had no art director. The illustrations had to be combined with jewels of their advertisers, I could pick out the jewels I liked so it was a fun and very inspiring job, thanks to Willy Sahuleka the editor in chief who gave me the freedom to create images that I liked.

Marie Claire UK

Series portaits of supermodels for baby magazine

Baby magazine asked me to draw super models with no more lines than a smily...

Blvd Magazine
Story about a webblogger during the war in Irak

During the war in Irak an woman reports what is happening from her point of view, a true story about a brave woman hoping for peace and doing what she can to explain the situation to the world.

Lace magazine.
A love story.

Computer Arts cover
Issue 137

BLVD Magazine

A story about a little girl and her first experience when she is being taken to a protest march.

Book of conversations
Something you never told anybody

A book with illustrations and images to start of a real conversation. Jason Schragger came up with the idea for a book. Everybody got a line and my line was "Something you never told anybody." It is about how secrets can make you feel disconnected from the people around you. Eventhough they accept you, the one with the secret knows he or she is not being accepted for real. As long as you do not stand for the truth you can never be free.

Brilljant magazine
Add for childrens glasses


Pinguin books

Magazine 'de liefde'
Editorial illustrations: A good divorce

Magazine 'de liefde'
Editorial illustrations: Expectations

VWS congratulation cards
3 fold congratulation card designed for the dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

VWS needed congratulation cards for all sport events in which a dutch team or sport individual would have won a price. The cards had to be designed considering the graphic identity of the dutch government, with enough space for the tagline and the logo and for every special event there should be some room for text or a letter would have to be added to the postcard. Because there are approximately 75 sport disciplines and woman and men who practice the sports we could not represent all of them on one card. We proposed to combine pictures and famous quotes, names and historical facts of dutch sport events and sung and unsung heroes with illustrations of a couple of sports. We chose to make a threefold that could be digitally printed to add the text for every special occasion. We developed 4 different cards, 2 for winter and 2 for summer, and combined the images to create as much variation as we could. On the front (if folded) you see the tagline: "VWS investeert in topsporters" and on the other side (inside when folded) is room for a more personal letter.

Vancouver Olympic wintergames 2010
Sport illustrations and pictograms for Vancouver

— 2008 I'm JAC design entered into an open request for proposals to design the sport pictograms for the vancouver winter olympics 2010. I'm Jac design was invited for the first pitch and after two rounds selected to design the sport pictograms and sports illustrations for the olympic games. The vancouver design team — Teena Aujla, Jackie Boucher, Karen Clark, Chloé Douglas, Greg Durrell, Jason Esteban, Sharon Fisher, Ben Hulse, Mélanie Kimmett, Margaret Ko, Jenny McCleery, Shawn Parkinson, Yumi White, Lauren Van Oosten directed by Leo Obstbaum— had already developed a graphic identity with a fresh sea to the sky winter color palet and realistic silhouettes from Vancouver surroundings inspired by inuit elements designed by Xwa lack tun, a Vancouver-based Aboriginal artist. We had to develop a style that matched the graphic identity.

— The sport illustrations needed to express all the 24 sports. They had to look like the real athletes with expressions that showed the focus and pain of the athletes during their performance. We could not use photographs because of usage rights and had to put together collages of pictures of athletes to get a new composition and draw from that. We had one month for all the 24 sport pictograms because the ICO meeting for the pictograms was at that date and could not be delayed. After the three versions of the sports illustrations followed the torch relay illustrations for the poster designs and we assisted Leo Obstbaum to re-style the way finding system.

Grand Depart Tour de France 2010
Graphic Identity 2010 IFEA Haas & Wilkenson Pinnacle Silver Award.

—2010 I'M JAC design approached the organisation committee of the Grand depart of the Tour de france Rotterdam. Eager to create a graphic identity for our hometown, we developed a campaign image and asked for ten minutes to take a look at our proposal. They already assigned an advertising company but where open to a proposal for a poster image to announce the event. Peter Schuiten was willing to present it to the board and 'yeehaw', they decided to use it as the campaign image. Eventually it was used on posters, billboards, boardings and the main stage of the Grand depart. The mothership approached me to design an adjusted version of the cyclist that was printed and displayed on a 30 meter high pontoon on the river the Maas.

World Road championships WK Wielrennen Limburg 2012
Graphic identity of UCI World championships, Limburg Netherlands 2012.

{image 1}{image 72}

2011 We were approached by the organisation committee of the Dutch province of South Limburg for the UCI world championships road cycling. They needed a campaign image that could be used as a graphic identity for the event. The colors of the image needed to be based op the graphic identity book of the UCI combined with the colors of their biggest sponsor the Rabobank, blue and orange. Furthermore they wanted the atmosphere of the province of South Limburg which is a beautiful part of the Netherlands with green hills and the beautiful old city's like Maastricht and Valkenburg. For the first time women were allowed to start in the teams races. Because there was no budget we created the woman for free and where very happy they were willing to use it because it completed the representation of the event. We are very proud of Marianne Vos who was the top ranked individual and a huge inspiration for what woman can achieve. It was a great pleasure to work with the very open minded Limburg team Vincent van der Stouwe and Peter Schrijen.

EK Beach volleybal 2012 The Hague
Campaign image
Collaboration with John de Vries assigned by Tig Sports.

{image 65}

Campaign image
2010 museum the Princessehof assigned studio la Meul
to design their exhibition 'Scherven en geluk' (Smithereens and happiness.)

Wedding crockery from the passed century. Karlijne Brand was asked to develop the graphic identity for the exhibition and together we came up with the idea for the campaign image. I'm Jac design illustrated 2 versions for the campaign image. On one image you see a couple with a woman pooring a cup of tea for her husband and on the second image of the woman throwing the teapot at her husband. The museum won the Artifex award 2010 for the design of the exhibition that drafted 30.000 visitors.

What the faculty
Blog design 'What the faculty' for UVA, FNWI Amsterdam.

Collaboration with Jeroen Bakker Easy site now. and the UVA

Graphic identity for Isabelle

Start & stop application
Iphone application for Menzis.
Design and illustration of application.

Visual identity website

Website was developed by react online media

Forestbook application.
(In development)

Fabergé website
Illustrations about the history of Fabergé, to accompany the jewels displayed on the website.

Ohropax giftbox
Happy New Year gift

A 'thank you giftbox', for all our wonderful clients the passed year. 12 Ohropax earplugs and mindfull breathing guidelines for a peaceful and happy 2015.

Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe Portland V.S.
Series of poster designs for stores

Collaboration with Andrew Reed, creation of poster designs for Moonstruck Chocolate café's.

Sweety Marshmallows
Logo and package design

Sweety needed a logo and package design for their funny Marschmallows. There where 6 variations of marshmallows that had to look well together and every season would have a special marshmallow. On the back we showed the product range, and on the front of the package the marshmallow and a picture of what you can do with it. The idea is that kids can bake something and put the marschmallow on top as decoration. Collaboration with Paul Visser, who had a big influence on the process, always very committed and driven, great fun to work with.

Parisienne sigarettes
A series of three pin ups, printed inside the package
Parisienne has a suprise inside their sigarette package, Illustrations of pin ups.

Shopping window design for Printemps Paris
Paris Printemps pattern design for one of the shopping windows of the store. Designs for bags.

Axe deodorant campaign VS
Add for Axe "certificate for members of the Order of the Serpentine

Sainsburry's London
Package design for deodorant, shaving creme, hairspray man & Woman

Icecream package
Ico Icecream, lemur monkey

'Iko icecream' is sold on Madagascar. We had to develop a character inspired on the lamur monkey that lives on the island of madagascar in three different positions for three different icecreams.

Character designs for the spring collectables campaign of HEMA.

'Bonkies' are real marbles that represent the face of characterized creatures they fit into a skinny that actually is a keychain. Collaboration with John de Vries, Doom & Dickson.

Icecream package design
Madagascar Ico icecream, character designs of Lamur monkey

One page add for Andrelon shampoo, not a penny to much.

Editorial illustration for youth magazine; fake creditcard layout for children

Mouse game
Character designs for an educational application Malmberg

Basic groove Magazine
Cover Basic Groove magazine; safe sex & Editorial about meditation

Editorial, spring

Fast forward
Poster design for dance parade Rotterdam

Package design
Kellog's cornflakes smile, a new compagny represented themselves as a box of serials, postbank add paying the bills

What do you think? Childrens appgame. Drag andy and happy faces into your head to explain how you feel.

Gift cards

Manga illustrations
Sticker designs, Editorial about girls taking pills, one of a series of Arcade CD covers

Falling birds

Girlzown avatar
Girlzown city and items for avatar


Covers for BU Nijhuis Magazine

Animation Staatsloterij
Flash animation, 3 minute commercial, for 'Sinterklaas' lottery 50.000 euro blowing out of the chimny