Telegraaf newspaper

Character of a cock shouting through the newspaper to advertise that the newspaper will be deliver very early in the morning.

Character designs for the spring collectables campaign of HEMA.

'Bonkies' are real marbles that represent the face of characterized creatures they fit into a skinny that actually is a keychain. Collaboration with John de Vries, Doom & Dickson.

Icecream package design
Madagascar Ico icecream, character designs of Lamur monkey

One page add for Andrelon shampoo, not a penny to much.

Editorial illustration for youth magazine; fake creditcard layout for children

Mouse game
Character designs for an educational application Malmberg

Basic groove Magazine
Cover Basic Groove magazine; safe sex & Editorial about meditation

Editorial, spring

Fast forward
Poster design for dance parade Rotterdam

Package design
Kellog's cornflakes smile, a new compagny represented themselves as a box of serials, postbank add paying the bills

What do you think? Childrens appgame. Drag andy and happy faces into your head to explain how you feel.

Gift cards

Manga illustrations
Sticker designs, Editorial about girls taking pills, one of a series of Arcade CD covers

Falling birds

Girlzown avatar
Girlzown city and items for avatar


Covers for BU Nijhuis Magazine

Animation Staatsloterij
Flash animation, 3 minute commercial, for 'Sinterklaas' lottery 50.000 euro blowing out of the chimny