Special gifts

—On request or because we feel compassionate about things, we occasionally make silk screen prints, paintings, merchandise and special designs for special occasions.
Do you have a special occasion, a loved one, a friend and would you like to give them something unique and personal and feel that we might be able to help you out send us an e-mail or give us a call.

Art prints

The Limited edition prints are Giglee Art prints printed on Schoellerhammer paperrag, and will be signed by the illustrator and accompanied by a certificate and a number 1/10
The costs for one print depend on the print size A2 for instance is priced: € 357,- excl. tax 21%
Total price incl. Tax € 431,97.
Postage depends on what country you live in, US approximately € 25,-.

Send us an e-mail with your request, the country you live in and the size and image you had in mind and we will send you a specification of the costs involved.

Please ask if the image you like is not listed underneath. Most images are available for print.

Some examples:
{image 8}

Ohropax giftbox
Happy New Year gift

A 'thank you gift box', for our clients. 12 Ohropax earplugs and mindfull breathing guidelines for a peaceful and happy 2015.

{image 18}